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These are a small sample of the ceramic pieces that we have done in the previous year for those of you that haven't viewed our work....enjoy!

These are pieces that my wife and I have collaberated on:
Check these web-site links out:…
Husband and Wife...Artists by RenaissanceMan1   Business Card by RenaissanceMan1
Large Covered Deer Vessel by RenaissanceMan1   Lazy Stoneware Bear Bowl by RenaissanceMan1 Virmillion Bear Mugs by RenaissanceMan1
Bear Bending  Bowl by RenaissanceMan1 Climbing Celadon Sea Dragon by RenaissanceMan1
Bear Pot by RenaissanceMan1   Celadon Dragonfly Bowl 3 by RenaissanceMan1   Albino Bear... The Mud Walker by RenaissanceMan1
Luna Moth Piece by RenaissanceMan1   Chit Chat by RenaissanceMan1   A Mother's Touch by RenaissanceMan1
Chalis Of Peppers by RenaissanceMan1   Chit Chat 1 by RenaissanceMan1   Celadon Dragonfly Plate by RenaissanceMan1
Dragonfly Bowl by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Covered Moose Vessel by RenaissanceMan1   Birds Of A Feather by RenaissanceMan1
Celadon Sea Dragon by RenaissanceMan1   Celadon Butterfly Piece by RenaissanceMan1   Above The Wind by RenaissanceMan1

These are pieces we did on our own:

Blue Rutile Goblet by RenaissanceMan1 Dragons Doubled Up by birthmark1 Carved Stoneware Bowl by RenaissanceMan1
Horse Hair Pot 1 by RenaissanceMan1   Turtle Circle by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Blue Chalis by RenaissanceMan1
Celadon Sea Dragon by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Stoneware Vase by RenaissanceMan1   Lifes Pathways by RenaissanceMan1
Turtles Of The Blue Lagoon by birthmark1 Blue Vase by RenaissanceMan1   Songs Of Summer by birthmark1
Wood Ash Vessel by RenaissanceMan1   Tea Dust Bottle 3 by birthmark1   Celadon Vase by RenaissanceMan1
Bear Invasion by birthmark1   Carved Celadon Tea Cup by RenaissanceMan1   What's in There by birthmark1
Carved Stoneware Bottle by RenaissanceMan1   Dueling Dragons by birthmark1   Carved Stoneware Drinking Cup by RenaissanceMan1
Man Eating Tire Fish by birthmark1   New Celadon Carved Bowl by RenaissanceMan1   Deer Figure by birthmark1
Abstract Vessel by RenaissanceMan1   The Guardians by birthmark1   Carved Porcelain Piece by RenaissanceMan1
39 Bears by birthmark1   Carved Grey Celadon Piece by RenaissanceMan1   Running Bears by birthmark1
Shino Vessel by RenaissanceMan1   Spring by birthmark1   Celadon Rust by RenaissanceMan1
Little teapot by birthmark1   Rainbow Pot by RenaissanceMan1   Camel by birthmark1
Penland Covered Piece by RenaissanceMan1   Temmoku Carved Vase by RenaissanceMan1   White Crackle Raku Piece by RenaissanceMan1
Deer at Rest by birthmark1   Large Carved Temmoku Vessel by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Virmillion Vase VIV by RenaissanceMan1
Generations by RenaissanceMan1   Large Carved Covered Vase by RenaissanceMan1   Raku Candle Holder by RenaissanceMan1
Minnesota Forest Glazed Vase by RenaissanceMan1   Celadon Carved vase 2 by RenaissanceMan1   Woos Blue Cup by RenaissanceMan1
Carved Bottle 2 by RenaissanceMan1   The Egg Holder by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Stoneware Bowl 3 by RenaissanceMan1
Carved Pot by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Celadon Pot by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Covered Piece 2 by RenaissanceMan1
Carved Celadon Pot 1 by RenaissanceMan1   Horse Hair Pot by RenaissanceMan1   Celadon  Piece With Frog Lid by RenaissanceMan1
Red Swirl Covered Piece by RenaissanceMan1 Bad Ass Fish by RenaissanceMan1 Double Dragon Bottle by birthmark1
Tall Carved Vase by RenaissanceMan1 Virmillion carved vase Vl by RenaissanceMan1 Celadon Bowl Of Strawberries by RenaissanceMan1
Large Carved Blue Bowl 2 by RenaissanceMan1   Large Carved Rustic Bowl by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Stoneware Vesssel by RenaissanceMan1
Asian Flare by RenaissanceMan1   Blue Rutile Vase 1 by RenaissanceMan1   Celadon Bowl Of Strawberries by RenaissanceMan1
Carved Green Celadon Bottle by RenaissanceMan1   Large Woos Blue Bowl by RenaissanceMan1   Large Penland Covered Piece by RenaissanceMan1
Incised Porcelain Piece by RenaissanceMan1   Covered Blue Piece by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Woos Blue Vase by RenaissanceMan1
Carved Vase 4 by RenaissanceMan1   Swirl Vase by RenaissanceMan1  :thumb80436339:
Small Carved Vase by RenaissanceMan1   Green Celadon Carved Bottle I by RenaissanceMan1 Carved Stoneware Pot by RenaissanceMan1
Blue Rutile Vase by RenaissanceMan1   Temmoku Bowl by RenaissanceMan1   Celadon Carved Bowl 2 by RenaissanceMan1                Carved Stoneware Pot  3 by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Celadon Pot 3 by RenaissanceMan1
Textured Stoneware Vase by RenaissanceMan1   Frosting Pot by RenaissanceMan1   Sharing by RenaissanceMan1
Carved Celadon Vase 3 by RenaissanceMan1   Rainbow Pot 2 by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Temmoku Bowl by RenaissanceMan1
Carved Celadon Vessel by RenaissanceMan1   Wood Ash Bottle by RenaissanceMan1   Small Carved Vesssel by RenaissanceMan1
Temmoku Vessel 2 by RenaissanceMan1   Covered Vase by RenaissanceMan1   Brown Carved Bottle by RenaissanceMan1
Emeral Covered Vessel by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Porcelain Vase by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Woos Blue Bottle 2 by RenaissanceMan1
Turtle At Rest by RenaissanceMan1   Temmoku Vase by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Pot 3 by RenaissanceMan1
Stoneware Bowl by RenaissanceMan1   Carved Covered Vessel 2 by RenaissanceMan1   Muti Colored Vessel 2 by RenaissanceMan1
Carved Celadon Turtle Piece by RenaissanceMan1   Bear Sculpture by RenaissanceMan1   Abstract Fish Pot by RenaissanceMan1

  • Listening to: George Nory re-runs
  • Eating: Wheaties
  • Drinking: Green tea


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Milo Von Strom
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Favourite style of art: surrealism
Favourite cartoon character: Ren and Stimpy
Personal Quote: ignorance follows a fool like a tail follows a donkey.


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